About Us

The centre is located in rooms 1304-5 and 1314-15, 13th floor, Ocean Centre, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui, covering an area of ​​approximately 3,600 square feet. Ocean Center is part of the huge Harbour City Grade one commercial complex, one of the largest in Kowloon. Ethics Medical Centre can be easily reached by subway, east and west railway lines. The centre is also near West Kowloon Terminus, within walking distance from the cross-border high-speed rail and the Hong Kong/Macau/China Ferry Terminal. It is also very convenient to reach Ethics Medical Centre from Kowloon Station on the Hong Kong Airport Express.

The Medical Examination Services Include:
  • 》 General physical examination/Registered doctor to conduct physical examination for policyholders
  • 》 Blood Test
  • 》 Helicobacter pylori C13 Urea breath test
  • 》 Urine and stool test
  • 》 General Ultrasound Examination
  • 》 Resting ECG
  • 》 Examination Related to Cardiology
  •    》 Exercise Treadmill ECG
  •    》 Echocardiogram
  •    》 24 Hours holter ECG
  •    》 BP Monitoring